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LitePub is a static blog generator that tries to be as easy to use as possible. Read more

Quick Start

Docs  Tutorial 

To create a sample blog follow these steps: Read more


Docs  Basics 

Download a release and unpack it to a directory. That’s all. Read more

Creating a Blog

Docs  Basics 

The following will create a sample blog in the current directory: Read more

Creating Posts

Docs  Basics 

To create a post just add a Markdown file in the posts directory. The file name and extension aren’t important, only the content of the file. Read more

Generating HTML Files for a Blog, aka Building a Blog

Docs  Basics 

To generate the HTML files for a blog cd to the blog’s directory and use the build command: Read more

Serving a Blog

Docs  Basics 

LitePub has a built-in server so you can see how a generated blog looks like in a browser. cd to the blog’s directory and start the server: Read more


Docs  Advanced 

The create command adds sample templates to the templates directory. Of course, you can change them or create your own from scratch. Read more

Getting Help

Docs  Reference 

To see all available commands and their options use the --help option: Read more