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To create a sample blog follow these steps: alt text

  1. Download a release and unpack it to a directory.

  2. cd to the directory.

  3. Create a sample blog:

    $ ./litepub create
  4. Build the blog:

     $ ./litepub build
     Generating: index.html
     Generating: tags/reference.html
     Generating: tags/tutorial.html
     Generating: tags/advanced.html
     Generating: tags/docs.html
     Generating: tags/basics.html
     Generating: overview.html
     Generating: quick-start.html
     Generating: installation.html
     Generating: creating-a-blog.html
     Generating: creating-posts.html
     Generating: generating-html-files-for-a-blog-aka-building-a-blog.html
     Generating: serving-a-blog.html
     Generating: templates.html
     Generating: getting-help.html
  5. Run the built-in server:

    $ ./litepub serve
     Running on http://localhost:2703
     Ctrl+C to quit
  6. Open http://localhost:2703 in your browser.

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