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To see all available commands and their options use the --help option:

$ litepub --help
 LitePub 0.5.1 [github.com/mirovarga/litepub]
 Copyright (c) 2016 Miro Varga [mirovarga.com, hello@mirovarga.com, @mirovarga]
   litepub create [<dir>] [-s, --skeleton] [-q, --quiet]
   litepub build  [<dir>] [-q, --quiet]
   litepub serve  [<dir>] [-R, --rebuild] [-p, --port <port>] [-w, --watch] [-q, --quiet]
   <dir>  The directory to create the blog in or look for; it will be created if
          it doesn't exist (only when creating a blog) [default: .]
   -s, --skeleton     Don't create sample posts and templates
   -R, --rebuild      Rebuild the blog before serving
   -p, --port <port>  The port to listen on [default: 2703]
   -w, --watch        Rebuild the blog when posts or templates change
   -q, --quiet        Show only errors
   -h, --help         Show this screen
   -v, --version      Show version

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