Overview 2019-04-10

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LitePub is a static blog generator that tries to be as easy to use as possible.. . . Read More

Litepub 2018-01-12

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why I created it.. . . Read More

Quick Start 2015-11-18

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To create a sample blog follow these steps:. . . Read More

Installation 2015-11-17

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Download a release and unpack it to a directory. That's all.. . . Read More

Creating A Blog 2015-11-16

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The following will create a sample blog in the current directory:. . . Read More

Creating Posts 2015-11-15

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To create a post just add a Markdown. . . Read More

Generating Html Files For A Blog Aka Building A Blog 2015-11-14

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To generate the HTML files for a blog cd to the blog's directory and use the. . . Read More

Serving A Blog 2015-11-13

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LitePub has a built-in server so you can see how a generated blog looks like. . . Read More

Templates 2015-11-12

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The create command adds sample templates to the templates directory. Of. . . Read More

Getting Help 2015-11-11

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To see all available commands and their options use the --help option:. . . Read More

Welcome 2014-11-19

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Welcome to the best kayaking you will find in the Southern Gulf Islands and doing it in style. . . Read More

About me

Hi, i'm and this is my place.

This is my picture:

I'm a web developer. I like Ruby the most but i'm fine with other technology also. After all, it's just technology.

I work at topmonks.com. I also have my own tiny company Imagine Anything.

One of my side projects is DameData.cz. It's a web app which helps you to easily connect your business with accounting(czech market only right now). Check it out:

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Have a good one